Rifled Barrels


We offer the following calibers and rifling in our barrels.

36 caliber @ 1-48 twist

40 caliber @ 1-48 twist

45 caliber @ 1-56 twist

50 caliber @ 1-56 twist

54 caliber @ 1-56 twist

58 caliber @ 1-56 twist

62 caliber @ 1-66 twist


We can vary the twist on request, the above shows what is our standard and have found to work very well.


Rifling depth is .016” per side for all but the 36 and 40 caliber barrels which are .012” deep per side. We cut round bottom ( radius groove ) rifling. This is an old form of rifling that because of the lack of corners in the grooves is much easier to clean, and also allows the patch to better seal. All rifling is 6 grooves.


 For our gain twist rifling, please see the

gain twist page.





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